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Ten Priorities. One Future

Stakeholder dialogue in Tanzania

Boardroom meeting

Dar es Salaam is facing long-term water shortages, exacerbated by problems with the distribution network. Water quality can be poor with high levels of groundwater salinity.

In March 2008, Tanzania Breweries Ltd brought together a range of stakeholders to discuss the short-, medium- and long-term water challenges facing the city. The output from the day was a statement of priorities detailing actions that should be taken to secure and enhance water resources in the area. This will now be used as a basis for further dialogue with government and donor agencies.

Tackling malaria in Tanzania

Malaria is the leading cause of death in Tanzania, particularly among children under five. In a population of about 34 million, there are over 16 million cases a year. Malaria kills one Tanzanian every five minutes and 80,000 children under five each year.

At Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL), malaria is the most frequently reported illness among employees and their spouses at company clinics. It’s also the highest cause of absenteeism. Realising that prevention is better than cure, the company decided in 2005 to give each employee a pair of insecticide-treated bed nets – these having been shown to halve the risk of catching malaria. Just a week later, the number of reported cases had fallen considerably.

As part of its community outreach, TBL then decided to provide free treated nets to hospitals in the malaria-prone north west region of Tanzania. Over a thousand nets have now been donated to Bugando, Shinyanga and Sekou Toure hospitals.