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We believe people should make informed decisions about drinking alcohol based on accurate, balanced information.

That’s why we created

The site provides information about the risks and benefits of alcohol consumption and links to other valuable alcohol-related resources. It also provides some of the latest news and views on alcohol.

We used information from a wide range of reputable sources, and consulted with experts in epidemiology, toxicology and medicine.

What the site covers

  • Take an interactive trip through the human body to see how it processes alcohol
  • Read about what causes a hangover, or about more serious conditions such as cancer, diabetes and liver disease
  • Follow experts who will periodically explore issues relating to health, parenting, binge-drinking, drinking and driving and policy approaches
  • Find out exactly what beer is, how it is made and where the alcohol in beer comes from
  • Discover the alcohol content, calories, cereal grains and carbohydrates in over 100 of our most popular beer brands.

You can visit the website at

“I was impressed. The content was very readable and relatively simple for a layman, yet not trivial.”

Dr Alfred I. Neuget
Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at Columbia University, and expert consultant on the project

“At Drinkaware we know that making informed choices about responsible drinking depends on having accurate information in an easily accessible form. With that in mind, it is good to see a new website from SABMiller that gives an insight into how alcohol can be enjoyed sensibly, as well as some of the consequences of alcohol misuse.”

Derek Lewis
Chief Executive, Drinkaware Trust, United Kingdom