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Company Secretarial and Legal

Our Company Secretarial and Legal teams take a vital role in providing guidance on every aspect of running our business.

A successful, multinational business requires effective legal structures to ensure that the organisation operates within, and stringently abides by, international and local regulations.

Our Company Secretarial and Legal teams provide guidance on every aspect of running our business – from advice on how we treat our employees, consumers and customers to playing a major part in every transaction and acquisition the company undertakes.

These people provide the frameworks guiding how a corporation of diverse international businesses can work most effectively and efficiently together to achieve our strategic objectives. Our legal people act as the company’s moral compass and guarantee that SABMiller operates as an exemplary corporate citizen in all jurisdictions in which we operate.

SABMiller offers Company Secretarial and Legal careers across a wide range of opportunities at every level, including: Share Plan Administration, Corporate Counsel, Commercial Law and Trade Mark Management.

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