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Campaign to clear up the streets

Litter-wise poster

Litter is a common problem in many communities in Zambia, a situation that is compounded by the public at large attitude towards litter that is difficult to change. National Breweries Plc supplies their product Chibuku Shake Shake in one-way traditional beer cartons which are often thrown into the streets once the beer has been consumed. In response to this, National Breweries Plc has initiated an anti-litter campaign which has included the placement of anti-litter posters in English and two other local languages.

In addition, the campaign has also included radio programmes and radio jingles in three languages in a bid to further sensitise people on the need to throw rubbish in designated areas.

For this campaign, National Breweries have worked closely with the Ministry of Local Government and Housing, the local councils and the Environmental council of Zambia.