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  • 1 Forecast figures for 2012 from Plato Logic, March 2013.
Company name

Nile Breweries Limited

Rwenzori Bottling Company Ltd


Nick Jenkinson
Managing Director



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Brand portfolio

Main brands

  • Nile Special logo
  • Eagle Extra logo
  • Club Pilsener logo
  • Nile Gold logo
  • Nile Gold Crystal Malt Lager,
  • Chairman's ESB,
  • Eagle Lager,
  • Castle Milk Stout,
  • Redd’s Premium Cold,
  • Redd's Lemon Vodka,
  • Grolsch Premium Lager,
  • Castle Lite



Nile Breweries Limited (NBL) is established in 1951 as an unlisted public company.


The Muljibhai Madhvani group of companies takes majority ownership and management control. Although nationalised in 1972, the brewery was repossessed by NBL in 1992.


SABMiller is invited to take a 40% share and joint management.


SABMiller purchases the remaining Madhvani shares and makes an offer to the remaining minorities. This offer has been taken up by all but a few per cent to date.


NBL obtains an excise rebate that encourages the local production of sorghum and brewing a clear sorghum beer – Eagle Lager. This innovation has been responsible for making beer more affordable and attracting new consumers.


Nile Special and Club Pilsener are converted to the 500ml long neck Gold Euro bottle – a first for the Ugandan market.


In August NBL opened its US$29 million brewery extension doubling production capacity from 90 to 180 million litres of beer per year.

Following the success of its initiative to convert locally grown barley into brewing malt, SABMiller plc announces construction of a $16 million maltings plant in Uganda.


Acquisition of Rwenzori.


US$90m investment programme to fund capacity expansion in the Mbarara greenfield.

Sustainable development

Two men filling a bucket with water

Bringing benefit to communities and farmers

Nile Breweries Limited in Uganda supports local farmers and communities through a range of projects including investment in boreholes and financial support for the education of underprivileged students.

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Alcohol responsibility

Public speaker encouraging responsible consumption

Encouraging responsible consumption across the value chain

Alcohol abuse – particularly the consumption of illicit alcohol – is a problem among some rural farmers in Uganda. In response, Nile Breweries has developed an innovative programme to communicate alcohol responsibility messages to a largely illiterate group of farmers in an easy-to-understand and engaging way.

Read the alcohol responsibility case study