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Vital statistics


Population (millions)


Year of investment


Number of sorghum breweries


Total size of beer market (hl 000)


Formal sorghum consumption per capita (litres)

  • 1 Forecast figures for 2012 from Plato Logic, March 2013.
Company name

Chibuku Products Limited


Panashe Maisva, Managing Director


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Brand portfolio

Main brand

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  • Maheu

Current business profile

Chibuku Products Ltd produces the iconic regional brands Chibuku and Maheu and employs over 500 employees. It is the sole commercial producer of formal sorghum beer in the country. The majority of its products are distributed directly, with the balance getting to market through distributors.



SABMiller acquires the assets of Chibuku Products (Malawi) (CPL).


CPL's operations are merged with those of Napolo Ukana to become the sole industrial producer of formal sorghum beer in the country.

With brewing operations in Blantyre, Malawi, Mangochi and Mzuzu, CPL is owned 50.4% by SABMiller Africa, 28% by the Bowler Beverage Company Ltd (BBCL) and 21.6% by the National Insurance Company.


Share of total formal sorghum market*

Bar graph of Total sorghum market share


* Management estimates

Volume (hl 000)

Five-year summary
Bar graph of Volume (hl 000) - Five-year summary
  2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Lager     1 1 1
Soft drinks 9 6 16 19 37
Other 940 865 760 827 863
Total 949 871 777 847 901

Formal sorghum consumption*

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litres per capita

* Source: Forecast figures for 2012 from Plato Logic, March 2013.

Investor relations contact

Janine Ackermann
Senior Manager, Beer industry regional focus: Africa and South Africa
Tel: +44 20 7659 0955
Mob: +44 75 5335 4051
Fax: +44 20 7659 0135

Alcohol responsibility

Sponsoring a radio show in Malawi

We promote responsible alcohol consumption in Malawi by sponsoring a weekly radio show that discourages underage drinking, pregnant women from drinking alcohol and anti-social behaviour.

Read the alcohol responsibility case study

Sustainable development

Three people holding the responsible business industry leader award

Reusing brewery waste in agriculture

Pursuing its ambition to become a zero-waste operation, Chibuku Products Limited (CPL) in Malawi has initiated a number of projects to develop ways of reusing brewery waste – for example, using waste Chibuku cartons as pots for seedlings or coal ash from brewery boilers to resurface pavements.

Read the sustainable development case study