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Supporting young entrepreneurs

Zambian Breweries has joined the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in a 60 million Kuatcha (US$ 11.43 million) project to develop youth entrepreneurs in the Copperbelt Province. The project aims to discourage long-term dependency and to give aspiring entrepreneurs the support they need to start their own business. 30 people participated in the first phase of the project.

Under the collaboration, the ILO provides technical support and training for young entrepreneurs through three youth organisations in the Copperbelt Province – Roan Youth in Luanshya, Mackenzie Youth in Ndola and Yew Tree Youth at Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation in Kitwe. Zambian Breweries will provide the start-up capital in the form of trading facilities and soft drinks.

Expanding the Water Futures partnership

Woman operating a water pump

In 2012, a new project in Zambia was added to the Water Futures partnership. It focuses on protecting the Itawa Springs which are at risk from pollution and degradation and are an important source of water for people and industry (including Zambian Breweries) in the city of Ndola.

The Water Futures partnership was established in 2009 to facilitate local action to address some of the most pressing shared water risks facing SABMiller and surrounding communities and ecosystems and to prove the business case for private sector action. It has done so through local partnerships in eight countries with projects to protect watersheds, upgrade the infrastructure and strengthen local water management institutions.

To open up the knowledge, experience and benefits of the partnership to more participants, the partnership will be scaled up into a broader Water Futures initiative. This will expand its reach, increase its global network of local partnerships and encourage new partners to join in collaborative action.

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