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The challenge of sustainable smallholder models

Sorghum growing in Uganda

Eagle Extra Lager has long been a SABMiller success story and a source of company pride. It is the result of extensive collaboration between Nile Breweries Ltd and the Government of Uganda to develop a high-quality clear beer, affordable to lower income consumers and made from home-grown raw materials.

Eagle Extra Lager is an award-winning and top-selling brand that offered, at its peak, direct financial benefits to over 8,000 farming families. However, this has not been without its challenges. It can be difficult to match harvest yields with the brewery’s requirements – a problem exacerbated currently by an increase in excise duty, which has led to a fall in sales.

During 2007/08 we collaborated with farmers, our seed supplier and the government to come up with a sustainable solution to this issue and to establish mechanisms to help manage the relationships.

Enterprise development in Uganda 00:02:57

This films shows how SABMiller is encouraging enterprise development in its value chains in Uganda through working with smallholder sorghum farmers


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Fighting malaria in Uganda

In September 2007, the eastern and northern regions of Uganda suffered severe floods. In response, Nile Breweries Limited donated 1,500 treated mosquito nets to the Red Cross to be distributed to children who had been displaced from their homes.

Floods and water logging provide ideal conditions for mosquitoes and increase the risk of malaria, to which children are particularly susceptible. The donated nets are impregnated with repellent and are large enough to shelter up to four children. The donation enabled the Red Cross to deliver the necessary aid to those in most urgent need and so protect children against this killer disease.