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Ten Priorities. One Future

Kicking out malaria

A group at a 'Kick Out Malaria' event

In October 2010, National Breweries in Zambia launched its first ‘Kick Out Malaria’ month across its five breweries. Malaria is endemic throughout Zambia and is a major public health problem. Latest evidence from the World Health Organisation (WHO) states that there are approximately 2.9 million cases of malaria diagnosed each year in the country. Although the overall number of cases has decreased in recent years, the WHO research shows this is not the case for children under the age of five.

The control of malaria has been identified as one of the Zambia’s main public health priorities and is a significant part of Ministry of Health’s National Health Strategic Plan. In support of this initiative, ‘Kick Out Malaria’ was officially launched by Ms Wamulume on behalf of the Zambian Ministry of Health.

Ms Wamulume said “Management should be commended for the efforts made because they have shown that their people matter even in hard economical times when many companies are struggling to meet budget”

The launch also included performances by a local cultural group called Mutende, an ensemble that performed dances and a sketch on Malaria prevention. As part of this awareness raising programme, National Breweries also provided all 679 employees insecticide treated mosquito nets investing over K30million.

Local barley sourcing

Zambia - locally produced barley

In February 2011, consumers of clear beer in Zambia were able to taste the first brew made from high quality locally produced barley (the major ingredient in the production of clear beer). The project was successfully piloted by Zambian Brewries in 2009 and established the capability of farmers in Zambia to produce a high yielding, high quality crop.

The project was significantly expanded in 2010 when the first commercial crop was grown by 14 farmers from Mkushi, Mpongwe, Chisamba, Lusaka and Mazabuka.

About 1,600 hectares of irrigated land were planted in April and May of 2010 with a yield of 6.5 tons per hectare. This represented about 10,500 tons of barley or 8,500 tons of malt. The barley is used in the production of the company's premium clear beer brands - Mosi Lager, Mosi Gold, Castle Lager and Carling Black Label.