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Ten Priorities. One Future

Save Water - Save Lives

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In a water-stressed country like Botswana, water efficiency and mapping key activities are essential in ensuring the long-term viability of our operations.

Kgalagadi Breweries has considered a number of alternatives to municipal supplies of water. However, groundwater levels are too low for a borehole to be viable and the small size of the brewery means it is not feasible to harvest rainwater.

The focus, therefore, has been on adapting manufacturing processes to reduce water consumption – for example, recovering water from a pasteuriser for secondary operations like cleaning floors and quenching coal ash. The business is also educating employees on the importance of water conservation through its ‘Save Water – Save Lives’ campaign.

Meanwhile, it continues to work closely with the government, the water provider and other stakeholders to understand more about the sources, quality and supply of the operation’s water.

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Water in Botswana


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Breaking down barriers

Staff at our on-site clinic in Botswana

Botswana suffers an extraordinarily high HIV prevalence rate, yet a major obstacle to combating the disease is the prejudice and stigma that means that individuals are reluctant to admit publicly that they are infected.

When Leso, an employee in Botswana, discovered he was HIV-positive, he made the brave decision to tell his colleagues. His story has now been made into a series of presentations. The aim is not only to raise HIV awareness and encourage people to go for testing, but to ensure greater acceptance and empathy towards those living with HIV and Aids.

Leso’s story proves that HIV is not a bar to living a full, active life and shows that, with testing and treatment, HIV is manageable rather than a death sentence. Since Leso declared his status, over 90% of people in his workplace have volunteered to be tested.

Transforming our business in Botswana

SABMiller factory employee

Changes to the country’s economy meant Kgalagadi Breweries was faced with falling sales, falling profitability and falling morale. In 2007, the business embarked on a transformation plan, a key component of which has been a series of Action Learning Programmes.

Employees have worked together to understand the challenges and tackle specific issues, making recommendations to the executive team and adding to their own skills and experience in the process.

Twenty of these exercises have been undertaken and many of the recommendations are being implemented. The business has now turned things round, employee turnover is down from 18% to 10% and sales have turned from a 16% decline to a 6% growth over a two-year period.