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Ten Priorities. One Future.

Building value chains that drive economic growth and stimulate social development

Building value chains that drive economic growth and stimulate social development not only generates long-term returns for our business but also creates wealth for the countries and communities in which we work.

The multiplier effect – the jobs and employment created through our investments and operations – can be a powerful force for development. Our operations in Africa and South Africa employ more than 24,000 people, indirectly support a further million jobs and contribute over US$9,000 million of added value to the economy1.

Almost three quarters of our global revenues are generated in emerging markets, so we have an interest in their social and economic development. Business has an important role to play in ending poverty, providing access to services such as clean water and promoting gender equality – all essential for creating stable, thriving communities and markets. Building on our support of the UN Millennium Development Goals, we're now taking an active role in contributing to the global debate on a new set of post-2015 development goals.

1 For more information watch our animation, SABMiller: Our economic impact in Africa, and read SAB (Pty) Ltd's report, Working for South Africa: the contribution of SAB to the South African Economy PDF (3.6Mb)

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Generating inclusive growth

By delivering high-quality products that consumers enjoy, our businesses create jobs, pay taxes, develop local skills and encourage enterprise.

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