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Alternative energy in India

Despite the growth of India’s manufacturing and services sectors, agriculture still makes up 20% of the economy and supports 75% of the population.

During the expansion of its Rochees Brewery, our Indian business took the opportunity to install its first solid fire boiler, rather than the more typical option of heavy fuel oil or methane. The aim was to reduce thermal energy demand by 42%.

It also allowed the company to move to a renewable, more environmentally friendly source of energy – rice husks. This is expected to save some 4,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year and also to provide local farmers with an income for their agricultural waste.

The project has been a success – the business is well on track to meeting and then beating its energy consumption target. It intends to use the same technology in a new plant in Haryana and the expansion of a brewery in Charminar.

Intervention in India

A man wearing a t-shirt with the AIDS red ribbon

Our HIV/Aids work has traditionally focused on African countries with high prevalence rates. In 2007, however, we focused increasingly on other countries with potential emerging epidemics.

Although India has a low prevalence of HIV/Aids as a percentage of its population, as many as three million people are affected. Using our experience and expertise from Africa, we have trained 20 ‘master trainers’ who in turn have passed on their knowledge to 150 peer educators within our workforce.

Supported by a range of media, these people have ensured that key messages about HIV/Aids are communicated to colleagues accurately and effectively. To maximise the impact and ensure greater acceptance of those affected, we have invited people living with the disease into the workplace to share their experience.