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Beer consumption per capita (litres)

  • 1 Forecast figures for 2012 from Plato Logic, March 2013.
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Dreher Sörgyárak Zrt



Andrei Haret
Managing Director


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Share of total beer market*

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* Management estimates

Volume (hl 000)

Five-year summary
Bar graph of Volume (hl 000) - Five-year summary
  2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Volume 2,029 2,022 1,915 2,010 2,113

Beer consumption*

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litres per capita

* Source: Forecast figures for 2012 from Plato Logic, March 2013.



Dreher Breweries (established 1862) incorporates two of its competitors including The Kőbánya Brewery (established 1854).


Communist regime nationalized the business, centralized the production and the brewery became the main beer production facility of the country


Decentralization of beer industry and re-establishment of The Kőbánya Brewery (still under state ownership)


The Kőbánya Brewery becomes a private company


SAB Ltd acquires The Kőbánya Brewery


SAB purchases The Kanizsa Brewery


SAB merges its two Hungarian businesses to form Dreher Breweries

Current business profile

SABMiller entered the Hungarian market in 1993 and it entirely owns Dreher Sörgyárak Zrt. (Dreher Breweries). Dreher Breweries operate one brewery located in Kõbánya, Budapest, employ more than 600 people, brew over 2 million hectolitres per year and lead the market owning a market share of 32%. Dreher Breweries have a rich heritage formed by great personalities, consumers and history. Their story dates back to 1854 when brewers settled down in the outskirts of the city of Pest and made use of abandoned stone mine tunnels as ale cellars.

Alcohol responsibility

Programme poster

Dreher Breweries Alcohol Responsibility Programme

The aim of Dreher Breweries‘ Alcohol Responsibility Programme was to initiate a dialogue on responsible alcohol consumption among Hungarian adults, the government and NGOs using a dedicated website at

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Sustainable development

Dreher employee in Hungary

Old technology, new applications

At Dreher in Hungary, an absorption cooling project was initiated to utilize surplus waste heat recovered from the boiling process. The primary use of this recovered energy is to preheat the wort on the way to the kettle where it is boiled.

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