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Transparency and Ethics

Panama: NGO-enterprise project fair

Three women at the NGO-enterprise project fair

Facilitated by our Panamanian business, Cerveceria Nacional (CN), the first NGO-enterprise project fair, ‘Destapa tu Responsabilidad’, took place in October 2008. The event brought together NGOs and the private sector to generate support for the development of social investment projects. More than 40 NGOs took advantage of the opportunity to promote their projects to leading businesses in Panama.

As a result, some proposals that had previously been presented to CN but had not qualified for support were able to find backers. The event also promoted engagement with government and international agencies, furthering CN’s vision of being a leader in sustainable development in Panama and emphasising its shift from philanthropy to strategic social investment.

Poland: Involving employees

Screen shot of Kompania Piwowarska CSR report

Like the rest of the group, our Polish operation, Kompania Piwowarska (KP), strives for transparency in its sustainable development reporting. This involves publishing a CSR report, articles in the company’s internal magazine and sharing good practice both internally and with partners.

A further development is the ‘In Tune with Nature’ programme, a pioneering long-term ecological scheme supported by the recycling and environmental protection authorities. Its aim is to educate employees and their families about their daily environmental footprints, emphasising that it pays to consider the environment. The programme’s website presents materials submitted by employees and their families, with a special section for children, and has been placed on an external server to ensure access from home.

As part of involving its employees, KP has organised events such as an environmental contest (with the chance of winning bike accessories and other environmental prizes) and the ‘Green Wardrobe Scheme’, which promotes clothes recycling.