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Transparency and Ethics


The issues

Consumers want to know that our beers and soft drinks are of consistently high quality; our employees want to work for a company that they know is honest and committed to behaving responsibly; our suppliers and business partners want a fair relationship; and the communities in which we work want to know that we operate in a way that will not damage their environment or quality of life.

Why this is a priority

High standards of ethical behaviour and transparency underpin all that we do. We therefore place a high value on reporting and communicating in an open and honest way with all our stakeholders.

We take care to listen to our stakeholders, understand their views and respond in a way that enables them to make informed judgements about the business. This is partly about recognising our stakeholders' role in shaping our approach to sustainable development and our other business activities. It is also about building credibility in order to facilitate dialogue.

This is one of the reasons that we have established many partnerships around the world. We also regularly publish the results of partnership work – one example being our latest Water Futures report (PDF 1.6Mb).

Position paper

Our position on transparency: the need to be transparent in reporting progress on SABMiller’s sustainable development issues

Download Position paper PDF (0.56Mb)

Position paper on transparency