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Transparency and Ethics


We place a high value on reporting and communicating in an open and honest way with our stakeholders. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and Anti-Bribery Policy apply to all employees, and we expect our suppliers to abide by the principles laid out in both documents.

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We produced our first sustainable development report in 1998 and 16 of our businesses now produce their own local report. We increasingly use new ways of communicating – for example, using more accessible animations to explain our economic impact in Africa or taking part in live online debates on the interconnected issues of water, food and energy.

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Transparency and ethics

Chart showing the Transparency and Ethics level assesment score: 2010 2.9 - 2011 3.3 - 2012 3.6 - 2013 3.8 More on our performance

Ethics training

Number of employees trained in ethics ('000s)

Chart showing the Number of employees trained in ethics: 2009 - 29.6; 2010 - 33.0; 2011 - 36.3; 2012 - 42.2; 2013 - 47.0
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'We take pride in Kompania Piwowarska S.A., our city's showcase brand'

Andrzej Dziuba
Mayor of Tychy

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