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Zambia: An evidence-based approach to tackling poverty

A man loading crates of Coca-Cola

Last year, we published a poverty footprint report with Oxfam America and The Coca-Cola Company to understand the impact that our soft drinks value chain has on reducing poverty.

The report looked at a range of poverty indicators from sustainable livelihoods, health and wellbeing to diversity, empowerment, security and stability. I was pleased that the report found that labour conditions, environmental protection and human rights were generally well respected at our bottling plants. But the report also made recommendations about things we could do better. These included looking more closely into any cases of failed factory grievances or dispute resolution systems; developing business training and support for women across the soft drink value chain (making efforts, in particular, to recruit women for non-traditional and senior management jobs); and safeguarding the health and safety of workers in our supply chain.

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