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Human rights

Respecting human rights

Lesotho: Supporting women's empowerment

Group of women at a conference

In October 2010, Maluti Mountain Brewery hosted a conference for around 100 spouses and partners of employees. The theme of the day was women's empowerment to promote self awareness, self-reliance and financial independence. External specialists addressed entrepreneurship, family law and information on responsible alcohol consumption based on our internal alcohol training programme.

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El Salvador: Human rights in the supply chain

Farmer in a grain field

Industrias La Constancia (ILC), in El Salvador, which has brewed Pilsener for more than 100 years, has worked in partnership with the El Salvador Sugar Association and the local government to ensure appropriate labour standards - and, in particular, a prohibition on underage labour – are in place within sugar cane plantations throughout the country.

We have worked in partnership with Coca-Cola to build awareness of the issue, monitoring the cane plantations and supporting education and alternative production projects. These are particularly important as they create viable alternatives for generating family income without relying on children's wages. Nearly 6,000 underage workers have so far been withdrawn from work as a result.

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