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Human rights

Respecting human rights


The issues

Respecting human rights requires positive steps within a company, such as staff training or developing compliance systems. The UN Guiding Principles on business and human rights state that companies should undertake ‘due diligence’ to manage the risk of human rights harm with a view to avoiding it. This may include considering factors such as the country context within which a company operates, the human rights impacts a company may have within that context and the relationships a company may have with state and non-state actors.

Why this is a priority

SABMiller is a global business that operates in over 75 countries across six continents. We work within a wide and diverse range of cultures and acknowledge and respect their different laws, norms and traditions.

We respect and promote the values of the international community, in particular the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. As a global business, we recognise our responsibility to uphold labour standards, both in our local operations and in our supply chain, and to prevent discrimination and breaches of human rights. To this end, we're committed to a number of conventions including the UN Global Compact.

Position paper

Our position on human rights: the need to have respect for human rights

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Position paper on human rights