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Unstoppable inclusivity in sport

Be it swimming, skiing or running, nothing beats getting out there and exercising – something many of us are fortunate to be able to take for granted. A new initiative from one of our non-alcoholic beer brands, Birell, highlights the determination of people who want to enjoy sport regardless of their disability.

The recent ‘Unstoppables’ programme encourages sporting fans from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to support those who are less able to take part in their favourite sporting ventures as a result of injury, disability or long-term illness.

Birell has put up special temporary gates in popular leisure areas across the two countries, on walking or cycling trails, ski slopes and water sports facilities. Each time somebody rides, walks, skis or swims under the gates, Birell will make a donation towards the purchase of equipment for disabled people.

The initiative’s focus is on inclusivity in sport, to support those who can’t easily get in the pool, go for a run or get on their bike, to lead as active a lifestyle as they possibly can.

Eleven ‘Unstoppables’ were chosen by an expert panel – chaired by famous former Czech Paralympian Jiri Jezek – to showcase how, even with disabilities, they are able to take part in an active lifestyle, thanks to the efforts of their countrymen and women.

You can read more of their stories below.

As part of the Unstoppables initiative, Birell is also hosting a number of popular running and cycling events, including the Birell Grand Prix, a 10km mass-participation night race in central Prague, and two successful years of the ‘Birell Ride’ project – which has helped 14 disabled people by providing them with bikes and handbikes worth more than 1 million Czech Koruna (US$40,000). Employees from our Czech and Slovakian businesses also take part in the events themselves to help raise money for the Unstoppables.