With a cuisine famed for its exotic seasonings, it was only natural to create a beer for the refined palates of Indian consumers

India is a land rich in tradition, diversity, culture and, of course, spice. 

Indians typically experience an incredibly broad range of flavour combinations from a very young age, giving them what is possibly one of the most refined palates in the world.

Indus Pride – a beer brewed with spices and herbs – has been created to refresh that palate, embodying the authentic taste of the real India.

Reflecting the country’s enchanting blend of old and new, its sense of diversity and national pride, the beer is a modern twist on the ancient art of botanical brewing.

A speciality beer made in India, for India, Indus Pride comes in four enticing flavours – Citrusy Coriander, Citrusy Cardamom, Spicy Fennel and Fiery Cinnamon.


As brewers, we are well versed in using locally well‑known raw ingredients such as sorghum, cassava or rice as starch alternatives in our beers, to reflect the traditions of the regions where they are brewed. But the addition of botanical ingredients is a relatively new development.

We asked our Brewing Innovation Consultant, Dr Wolfgang Tosch, to explain: “At one point in history, brewers discovered that the hop was the perfect, multifunctional beer ingredient. However, long before this, there is plenty of evidence of beers brewed with herbs, roots and spices, giving them distinctive tastes and properties. Now, we as brew masters are rediscovering an amazing collection of botanical ingredients and an array of funky combinations to add another dimension to beer.

“There’s a growing repertoire of brewing botanicals just a hop away, which offer a broader appeal to both the seasoned and the novice beer drinker. Indus Pride is just the beginning in this speciality market. Imagination is the only limit.”