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Achieving your dreams and ambitions is sometimes tougher than you’d hope. This is a common issue for many passionate Indians who are living in small towns and are keen to start their own business or improve their career prospects, but who struggle to find support.

This is where the Hausla Buland Academy comes in. An online skills development academy specifically designed to help develop young adult Indians’ business capabilities, the academy is nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Translating as the ‘academy of strong resolve’, the Hausla Buland Academy was launched in 2013 by the brand team behind Haywards 5000 – which champions the spirit of resolve and optimism.

Many Indians closely relate to the ‘can-do / will-do’ attitude of Haywards 5000 – its slogan “With Haywards, your resolve stays strong” – but find it harder to put their ambition into practice, due in part to various cultural, practical and logistical barriers.

Just how does a 25-year-old from a small Indian town start on the journey to creating his or her own business?

The Hausla Buland Academy has the answer. Developed as an online platform to reach as many entrepreneurs as possible, it offers one-on-one mentoring and guidance by professionally qualified business skills counselors, in-depth business development courses and the opportunity to network with like-minded people.

The courses – available in both English and regional Indian languages – can all be accessed and completed on the web on the dedicated Hausla Buland Academy website. They include modules such as: preparation for job interviews; computer skills; marketing and finance skills; CV writing; and lessons to improve English language ability.

More than 1,000 Indians have graduated in the last three years, developing from people seeking a helping hand to reach their goals to being fully equipped with the tools and skills required to make a success of their own businesses.

I got to know about the Hausla Buland Academy through a friend who had been a part of it. I spoke to the counselors and this gave me a lot of confidence, as I was demotivated and frustrated in life. After talking with the counselors, I realised my skills gaps and started working on bridging them. I recommend this academy to all my friends who are in my situation, and those who want to progress in their lives.

The academy also sparked the launch of India’s first start-up business TV show called Hauslay Ki Udaan (the flight of resolve).

Now in its second year, the TV series has received over 40,000 calls from people across the country and the selection of the winning business ideas will now happen through on-the-ground auditions in 10 Indian cities. Aspiring entrepreneurs from all over India are invited to pitch their ideas to a panel of successful business people, with the winners receiving funding to help turn their idea into a real-life venture.

Last year’s winner was Surendra Shivhare, from Anantapur, Madhyra Pradesh.

His idea was that of ‘Bina Dudh ki Dairy’ which translates as ‘a dairy farm without milk’.
It is a unique venture to rear 100 cows and cater to 20-25 villages. The excreta (locally called ‘gobar’ and ‘gomutra’) is used to make products including mosquito coils, flower pots and bio-gas.

Watch the Haywards 5000 Hausla Buland Academy TV commercial on YouTube here.

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