Finding the right accompaniment for your preferred brew is no easy matter, especially with a whole world of snacks to choose from

When it comes to complementing beer everyone has a different opinion on the perfect savoury snack.

And every country has its own traditions. Adventurous drinkers can tantalise their taste buds by trying out different combinations from around the world. Here are just a few classics to consider. 

  • At a traditional British pub, pork scratchings – known elsewhere as pork rinds – are a firm favourite. Roasted and deep-fried in pork fat, then seasoned to match your taste, the salty flavour and crunch of a good pork scratching is the perfect savoury counterpoint to a bitter pale ale or dry stout. 
  • In Thailand, they take the pork scratching to the extreme. The local equivalent, Khaep Mu, is often served with chilli paste for added kick – best to have a cold one on hand, but keep the beer a little sweeter and less bitter for an oriental taste. 
  • Cheese is often thought of as a natural accompaniment for a glass of wine, but beer can actually go better. The bitter hoppy notes bring out the best in any cheese, but if you’ve picked one with a strong flavour a dark beer is most suitable. 
  • The Czech Republic, home of pilsner lager and where our own Pilsner Urquell is still brewed today, has a whole range of popular snacks to excite every palate. Pickled cheese (nakladany hermelin), Bohemian-style sausage (utopenec) and pork terrine (tlacenka) are all firm favourites. Why not try making your own Czech-style potato pancakes (bramboráky) as an alternative to chips or potato wedges? The perfect accompaniment to the refreshing, malty flavour of Pilsner Urquell. 
  • French fries are frequently associated with the United States, but it’s the Belgians who invented frites and are still the biggest consumers per capita. But wherever you are, any light lager will work well.  
  • While the Northern Hemisphere is still in love with potatoes, plantains are popular in South America and Africa. Mix things up at your velada by frying plantain chips (mariquitas de Platános) in peanut oil, then enjoy alongside a cold Águila or Pilsen Callao, lighter in flavour and lower in bitterness these beers compliment the food and the climate. 

There’s a whole world of choice out there: a savoury snack to match every beer. Why not let us know your favourite combination on Twitter or Facebook

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