We’re in 19th place on Fortune magazine’s Change the World list 

Fortune magazine has published its first Change the World list, recognising the top 51 companies around the world that are moving the needle on major social problems as part of their business model.

‘It’s about how companies can help to solve social problems in ways that improve their bottom line performance,’ said Mark Kramer, Founder and Managing Director of FSG, a non-profit think tank that played a key role in collecting and vetting nominations.

To find the final 51, Fortune was helped by what they describe as a ‘small army’ of friends and mentors, including FSG, who asked experts from around the world for their recommendations and then went on to vet the more than 200 nominees. The final list was selected and ranked by the editors of Fortune based on the magazine’s research, reporting and analysis.

SABMiller came in at number 19, with Fortune highlighting our focus on improving the livelihoods of the people our products depend on.

This is fantastic recognition for the fact that we put Prosper, our sustainability programme, at the heart of our business strategy – it’s the very ethos of how our company operates.
Anna Swaithes |Director of Sustainable Development

We recently held an awards ceremony to recognise and reward SABMiller teams around the world who are making the biggest contributions towards Prosper. Nile Breweries Limited (NBL) of Uganda was the first ever overall winner for a groundbreaking sorghum beer project that has brought immense benefits to smallholder farmers while making our local business the number one brewer in the market. By engaging with smallholder farmers to grow sorghum for a guaranteed price, NBL have given previously subsistence-only farmers an income, so they can send their children to school and have access to medical care.

Another initiative making a big contribution to Prosper is the 4e Camino al Progreso (Path to Progress) programme in Latin America. Small-scale shopkeepers, known locally as tenderos, are the beating heart of many communities across Latin America and account for roughly 40% of our sales. The 4e programme is strengthening our small retailer network by helping tenderos to grow their businesses, provide better standards of living for their families, and play leadership roles in their communities through a combination of classroom training, in-store mentoring and by improving access to finance and technology.

In the film that accompanies the Change the World list, Clifton Leaf, Fortune’s Deputy Editor, notes that ‘some have said there is a quiet revolution happening.’ Progressive companies have shifted their focus from philanthropy to ‘compassionate capitalism’, and as a result are having a much bigger impact on the world. Progressive companies such as Vodafone, who with Safaricom, scored the top spot on the Change the World list for the mobile-money platform they created in 2007. M-Pesa, which enables people without bank accounts to use their smartphones to save and transfer money, is used today by 17 million people, many of whom are on the financial grid for the first time.

To find out more, read ‘Introducing Fortune's Change the World list’ or go direct to the Change the World list

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