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100 years in Honduras

A century of brewing excellence at Cervecería

“Hondurans love and respect Cervecería Hondureña (CHSA),” says Boyce Lloyd, President of SABMiller’s Honduran business. “I can’t tell you how often I see a smile when someone learns I work here – not because of my position at the company, simply that I work here.”

For generations now, the people of this Central American country have been drinking Salva Vida, originally launched in 1916 in the bustling port-city of La Ceiba. After a hundred years of change and evolution, today they can also enjoy locally brewed Imperial, Barena, Port Royal and Miller Lite, plus a whole range of juices, waters, malts and soft drinks produced and bottled by Cervecería Hondureña under licence of The Coca-Cola Company. In fact, it’s now so well regarded that local people simply call it Cervecería, meaning ‘the brewery’.

Honduras is a developing country, so Cervecería plays a major part in national life by providing people with economic opportunity and is considered an employer of choice. The business contributes 3.1% to GDP, makes up 18% of the manufacturing sector and is the biggest single taxpayer in the country, contributing nearly 6% of tax revenues.

But it’s through football, of course, that many people really get to know Cervecería’s beverages. “People here live for soccer; the average Honduran man likes nothing better than to get together with his mates, watch a game and have some beers,” says Lloyd. Salva Vida, the flagship beer of Cervecería Hondureña, sponsors teams from the national side through to the local leagues.

Whether it’s through social events or its contribution to the economy, Cervecería is at the heart of national life. But where does the brewery go from here?

Lloyd explains that the business’s future flows naturally from its century of proud history: “I often use these words: ‘We have our brands, our customers and our reputation. With this we have everything – without this we have nothing’. We are committed to preserving this legacy.”

Download Cervecería Hondureña's commemorative book 100 years of making history.

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