The group at a glance

Since listing on the London Stock Exchange 10 years ago we have grown into a global operation, developing a balanced and attractive portfolio of businesses. Our markets range from developed economies such as the USA to fast-growing developing markets such as China and India.

Key facts


More than 200 brands owned

210 million

Total volume of lager sold1


  1. Volumes are defined in Definitions.
  2. Excluding corporate costs.

Contribution to group EBITA2 2009


  • Our primary brewing and beverage operations cover six countries across South and Central America. These are Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama and Peru.
  • In each of these countries we are the number one brewer by market share.
  • We bottle soft drinks for The Coca-Cola Company in El Salvador and Honduras, and for Pepsico International in Panama.
  • Our regional office is located in Bogotá, Colombia.

Key local brands

Aguila; Atlas; Balboa; Barena; Club; Club Colombia; Costeña; Cristal; Cusqueña; Golden Light; Imperial; Pilsen; Pilsener; Pilsen Callao; Pilsen Trujillo; Poker; Port Royal and Salva Vida.

Further facts


Total number of breweries3


Total number of bottling plants3


Total average number of employees4

  1. The number of breweries and bottling plants relates to subsidiaries only (except MillerCoors).
  2. See note 6 to the consolidated financial statements. The average number of employees relates to subsidiaries only (except MillerCoors).