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Operations review

North America

Miller Brewing Company experienced a difficult year, with significantly higher commodity costs, declining Miller Lite volume and price competition in the economy segment negatively impacting results. However, in line with its strategy, the company continued to migrate its brand portfolio to higher margin segments, deliver domestic revenue increases, and invest in its core brands and organisational capabilities in order to drive sustainable, long-term growth.

As the US beer industry continued to feel the impact of consumers trading into wine and spirits, volume performance of mainstream domestic beers was outpaced by import and craft brands. Total US industry domestic shipment volumes decreased by 0.4% during the financial year, while imports increased 13.1%.

In this trading environment, Miller's US domestic sales to retailers (STRs) were level with the prior year and down 3% on an organic basis, excluding the acquisition of the Sparks and Steel Reserve brands at mid year. Domestic shipments to wholesalers (STWs) were in line with STRs in the period. There was one less trading day in the year under review in comparison to the prior year.

Total shipment volumes, excluding contract brewing, declined by 1% as export sales to non-SABMiller markets declined due to challenging trading conditions. Contract brewing volumes were lower by 13%, largely as a result of the acquisition of Sparks and Steel Reserve which Miller had previously brewed under contract, and are down 4% on an organic basis.

Miller Lite sales declined by 1% as the brand cycled strong prior year comparisons and faced broader competition in the low calorie segment from import and craft entrants. Miller Genuine Draft continued its decline broadly in line with the overall decline in the full-calorie mainstream domestic segment.

While Miller High Life sales decreased in low single digits, a new advertising campaign in the third quarter helped drive positive trends in core markets by the end of the fourth quarter. Milwaukee's Best franchise sales declined in mid-single digits due to pricing dynamics within the economy segment. Miller High Life and Milwaukee's Best trends were both negatively impacted by reduced pricing gaps between the economy and mainstream segments, both at the wholesale and retail level.

Miller's worthmore platform continues to grow robustly, led by Peroni and Leinenkugel's, both of which brands significantly outperformed their respective import and craft segments. Sparks, which Miller acquired in August 2006, continues to perform strongly as the leader in the fast-growing caffeinated alcohol beverage segment.

Total revenue declined slightly by 1% versus the prior period, to US$4,887 million. Contract brewing revenues declined by 13%, but increased marginally after adjusting for the shift of Sparks and Steel Reserve from contract brewing to domestic brewing. Domestic net revenue per hl increased 1.7%, driven by price increases of nearly 2%. Improved brewery efficiencies and cost savings partially offset very significant commodity cost increases, thereby limiting the increase in cost of goods per hectolitre sold to mid-single digits.

Miller strengthened its sales capabilities with the addition of specialised sales staff for Sparks and import brands. Furthermore, in the fourth quarter, Miller announced plans to create new model markets in Texas and Florida/Georgia in which it will deploy sales, marketing, planning/strategy and finance capabilities locally to better capture business opportunities. Based on the learnings from these initial markets, Miller intends to roll out this initiative to additional markets in the next fiscal year.

EBITA for the period of US$375 million was 17% lower than the prior year, driven primarily by higher input costs of fuel, glass and, especially, aluminium. Overall EBITA margin decreased to 7.7% due mainly to the challenging input costs environment.

Going forward, Miller has set itself strategic objectives of which the primary objective is to grow Miller Lite in the mainstream light segment. Secondly it is to strengthen Miller's worthmore portfolio through expanding the distribution of Sparks, Leinenkugel's and Peroni and adding Miller Chill, a new light lager, and various South American brands. Miller also intends to maximise the sales and profitability of its legacy brands, whilst it is committed to delivering further operational efficiencies, which include projects to deliver savings of US$100 million by 2010, to reinvest into sales and marketing and improving margins.

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Financial summary North
Revenue (US$m) 4,887 4,912 (1)
EBITA (US$m) 375 454 (17)
EBITA margin (%) 7.7 9.3  
Sales volumes (hl 000):      
- Lager (excluding contract brewing) 46,591 47,059 (1)
- Contract brewing 8,907 10,246 (13)
- CSDs 84 74 13
- STRs 43,897 43,964 (-)


Key focus areas

  • Grow Miller Lite share of the light category
  • Strengthen our worthmore brand portfolio
  • Maximise value of our heritage and legacy brands
  • Improve influence with key distributors
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Empower the organisation to pursue opportunities with a challenger mindset