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Africa & Asia

Head office: SABMiller Africa and Asia (regional hub), Johannesburg, South Africa

SABMiller’s Africa and Asia division includes Africa (excluding South Africa), China and India.

Altogether, this division has major brewing (including traditional African beer made from sorghum) or beverage interests in 28 countries. These include 18 African countries through its strategic alliance with the Castel group and two (Kenya and Zimbabwe) where it has minority shareholdings in brewing interests.

In China, operations are managed through China Resources Snow Breweries, SABMiller’s joint venture with China Resources Enterprise and in India, following the recent transaction, the group now holds a 99% stake in the business.

Key African brands include Castle Lager, Castle Milk Stout, Hansa Pilsener, Kilimanjaro, Chairman’s ESB, Club Pilsener, Nile Special, Eagle (clear sorghum beer), Mosi, Rhino, N’gola, Chibuku (sorghum beer), Golden Pilsener, St Louis, Club, 2M and Laurentina. Indian brands include Haywards beers, whilst in China, Snow has national prominence, supported by local brands such as Blue Sword.

EBITA (US$m) 384
Total number of lager breweries 61
Brewing capacity (hls 000s) 68,179
Total number of sorghum breweries 29
Sorghum brewing capacity (hls 000s) 9,382
Bottling plants 11
Bottling capacity (hls 000s) 13,034
Total volumes sold (hls 000s)  
  – Lager 39,505
  – Carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) 4,667
  – Other beverages (water, wine and spirits, sorghum beer) 11,538
Average number of employees 6,995

Figures current at 6 June 2005 for operations and capacity.
Volumes, EBITA and employees are for the year ended 31 March 2005.
Employee figures exclude associates.

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Africa and Asia