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Taking responsibility. Taking action.

Miller takes its corporate responsibilities seriously. One area is alcohol responsibility, and the company is constantly refreshing its long-term alcohol responsibility programmes – the Let’s Keep Talking initiative is just one example.

Launched in October 2004 the programme leverages the fact that under-age drinking, a major issue in the United States, can be influenced by parents as well as by peers, a fact validated by recent studies.

Miller’s approach includes working through its distributors to provide support and practical advice to parents and other concerned adults with regard to influencing responsible behaviour among 15 to 20 year olds.

The company has produced and distributed over 50,000 copies of a Let’s Keep Talking brochure to date, in both English and Spanish. The programme has also been backed by radio spots in 23 states, television advertising and hundreds of print ads in English and Spanish publications in key markets to help to punch home the important message.

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