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National brand, local branding

Miller has fundamentally changed its approach to its business over the last 18 months. One of the key changes has been the introduction of local market management.

Although the US is the world’s second largest beer market, it operates as a series of smaller, very different markets, which is why Miller’s strategy of analysing detailed market information at a local level, and planning accordingly, has helped it to win sales and to increase volumes.

The strategy requires each local market to develop its own highly individual plan. The company identified 61 defined market areas (DMAs) each one with different and unique market attributes. Tailored business plans, focusing on marketing, sales and distribution, are developed for each DMA in light of opportunities identified, and resources are allocated accordingly. Such plans support and build upon national brand strategies and programmes.

DMA planning has helped to improve local insights and marketing, activation of national plans, and relationships with distributors. It has allowed Miller to tap into its people’s entrepreneurial skills more readily, resulting in greater focus and commitment and increased sales of Miller’s main brand, Miller Lite, for the first time in a decade.

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