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Establishing a performance culture

The shaping of an intense performance culture at Miller has been a crucial element in reversing the downward trend in Miller Lite’s sales in the short term, and in creating an environment for sustained growth at Miller in the longer term.

Denise Smith, senior vice president human resources, explains: “At Miller, we approach the shaping of a performance culture in two ways. Firstly, we use a performance management process to help translate strategic priorities into goals for all teams and individuals. Secondly, we ensure that the structures, processes, roles and skill profiles are in place to ensure that we are able to deliver our strategic priorities.”

Creating a new environment in which people can grow has had important consequences. Employees are now much better placed to focus on business goals and far more aware of the contribution that they can make. Miller’s emerging performance culture shows every sign of continuing to drive the company forward, helping it to succeed in a fiercely competitive marketplace.

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