Non-executive directors' fees

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As senior non-executive director, Lord Fellowes receives an additional fee for this role of £5,000 p.a. The chairman is provided with access to an office, a secretary and a car.

The non-executive directors do not participate in any of the open incentive schemes, nor do they receive any other benefits or pension rights. Non-executive directors do not have service contracts.

Details of the non-executive directors' letters of appointment are noted below:

to the board
Date of
most recent
letter of
Date last
next due
for election/
GC Bible 01/08/02 27/09/02 30/07/03 July 06
NJ De Lisi 01/08/02 09/09/02 30/07/03 July 06
Lord Fellowes 08/02/99 23/02/99 30/07/03 July 06
JM Kahn 08/02/99 23/02/99 29/07/04 July 07
PJ Manser 01/06/01 20/06/01 29/07/04 July 07
J Manzoni 01/08/04 12/05/04 N/A July 05
MQ Morland 08/02/99 23/02/99 29/07/04 July 07
Ning Gaoning 10/10/01 24/12/01 31/07/02 July 05
MC Ramaphosa 08/02/99 23/02/99 31/07/02 July 05
Lord Renwick of Clifton 08/02/99 23/02/99 30/07/03 July 06

Note: Mr Camilleri and Mr Levett both stood down as directors at the annual general meeting on 29 July 2004. Mr Manzoni was appointed as an additional director by the board on 1 August 2004 and therefore holds office until the 2005 annual general meeting when he is eligible for election.

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