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Shareholder value

The value which a company returns to its owners is best measured by total shareholder return (TSR) – the combination of share price appreciation and dividends returned over the medium to long term. Recent measures of shareholder return are impacted by the significant decline in equity indices over the past five years. However, since SABMiller moved its primary listing to the London Stock Exchange in March 1999 the FTSE 100 has produced a Total Shareholder Return (TSR) of 12% while the group has produced a TSR of 164% as at 31 March 2005.

In focusing on shareholder value added, the group uses EVA™ as a key indicator of annual performance. As noted previously, SABMiller is continually investing in new brewing operations and most new investments impact negatively on EVA™ in the short term. The group’s EVA™ calculation is summarised below. Key factors to be borne in mind are: EVA™ is calculated using operating profit after tax, adjusted for exceptional and non-recurring items; the capital charge is calculated on opening economic capital – adjusted for acquisitions, any impairments of assets of continuing business units, and goodwill previously eliminated against reserves. The group’s weighted average cost of capital (WACC) is applied against the resulting investment; and WACC, at 8.75% (as in 2004), takes account of relevant individual country risk profiles and the group’s overall debt profile.

Calculation of EVA™ 2005
Economic profit statements    
Profit on ordinary activities before interest and taxation 2,361 1,579
Taxation on profit on ordinary activities (850) (579)
Tax deduction on financing costs (58) (65)
Adjustment for non-recurring items 140 308
Net operating profit after tax 1,593 1,243
Capital charge (1,088) (1,002)
Economic profit (EVA™) 505 241
Economic balance sheets    
Fixed assets 12,287 11,483
Working capital (530) (203)
Accumulated adjustment for non-recurring items 1,034 894
Economic capital 12,791 12,174
Non-interest bearing funding (462) (405)
Provisions (796) (866)
Net operating assets 11,533 10,903

SABMiller returned EVA™ of US$505 million in the year under review (2004: US$241 million). This increase is the result of the improved business performance outlined earlier, partially offset by a higher capital charge that reflects the acquisitions made during 2005.

Signature of Malcolm Wyman

Malcolm Wyman
Chief financial officer

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