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The nomination committee

During the year the nomination committee was chaired by Lord Renwick. The other members of the committee were Mr Kahn, Lord Fellowes, Mr Morland, and Mr Manser. During the year under review Altria did not exercise its right to request that one of its nominated directors be appointed as a member of the nomination committee.

Terms of reference
The committee is empowered to consider the composition of the board and its committees. It is asked to consider the retirement, appointment, and replacement of directors, and is required to make appropriate recommendations to the board.

Operation of the committee
The nomination committee continued to evaluate the balance of skills, knowledge and experience of the board. Appropriate succession plans for the executive directors and senior management were also kept under review. The appointment of Mr Manzoni to the board has increased the number of independent non-executive directors.

Summary of appointment procedures
Where non-executive vacancies arise, the committee uses the services of external consultants in order to identify suitable candidates for the board to consider. Candidates are short-listed for consideration by the nomination committee on the basis of their relevant corporate or professional skills and experience. Executive directors are considered for appointment to the board on the basis of their experience, skill and ability to contribute to the group. These policies and procedures were followed in the appointment of Mr Manzoni as a non-executive director. The terms and conditions of appointment of non-executive directors are available from the company secretary on request.

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