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Enhancing our staff's productivity

Healthy, motivated and skilled staff are the key to higher productivity and profitability. To enable them to realise their full potential, we support a range of training and healthcare programmes, among other initiatives.

HIV/Aids is a significant issue in many of our markets, including Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. To limit its impact on our staff, we run a comprehensive HIV/Aids programme, currently focused on Africa but due to be rolled out across our group. Supported by educational campaigns, this includes voluntary counselling and testing for our staff and their dependants in Africa, as well as fully funded anti-retroviral treatment for employees and their dependents who test HIV positive. So far about 60% of staff in Africa have agreed to voluntary testing, rising to more than 80% in certain locations. Our new group-wide HIV/Aids strategy is due to be unveiled shortly.

Like all responsible multinationals, SABMiller invests heavily in the professional and personal development of its staff through training programmes and other schemes. We place particular emphasis on developing local staff, exemplified by our business in Tanzania. Over the last three years the business has run workshops and training programmes, as well as rotated local staff through different positions, to create a sense of ownership and enable employees to take on more senior positions. In the last two years, several local staff have reached top managerial posts, replacing expatriate staff.

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