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Engaging with stakeholders

Our ‘licence to operate’ – in both a regulatory and socio-economic sense – depends on the support of all our stakeholders, from governments and local communities to our employees, suppliers and investors. Maintaining an open and honest dialogue with these groups, including reporting our progress, is critical to our success.

Developing strong, interactive relationships with our stakeholders not only provides us with a rich source of ideas to improve the performance of our business, it is also a social and commercial obligation. We have to be accountable for our actions.

During the year we held productive discussions with a large number of stakeholders. At a global level, these included organisations such as the World Health Organisation; the Commission for Africa; and the European Commission for Health and Consumer Safety. Locally, our businesses maintained regular contact with their local stakeholders, including relevant government departments and civil society groups.

In terms of reporting our CSR progress, we document our advances in publications such as this one, produce an annual corporate accountability report and provide progress reports on the web ( Our corporate accountability report provides a fuller explanation of our CSR progress, as well as our CSR governance and management structure and principles, which can also be accessed via our website. Several of our businesses, including our companies in Botswana, Hungary and Poland, have also produced their own local CSR/corporate accountability reports.

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