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Discouraging irresponsible drinking

At SABMiller, we believe in leading by example. And, when it comes to responsible drinking, this means integrating the principles of responsible alcohol consumption into our business processes. During the year we did this in several ways. First, we published and distributed among our businesses ‘The Responsible Way’, a communication package that provides all the information and guidance our companies need to implement our alcohol manifesto and code of commercial communication (both the manifesto and the code were discussed in detail in last year’s annual report).

Second, we strengthened internal compliance to our code by establishing compliance committees, where they did not already exist, to ensure our marketing activities conform to the code’s provisions, underpinned by training programmes and other initiatives.

We also supported numerous programmes to discourage irresponsible drinking, building on existing alcohol awareness programmes. Some of these have had a substantial impact. A national campaign to stop the sale of alcohol to under-age drinkers in Poland, for example, has cut the proportion of shop assistants selling alcohol to minors from 77% to 48%. Despite challenges to our sincerity, like those being made in the US class action litigation against most of the alcohol beverage industry, including the company and Miller (as described on page 108), over marketing practices and their effect on people below the legal drinking age, we won’t be discouraged from, and remain committed to, continuing our programmes.

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