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A story of growth

From its South African origins, SABMiller has become one of the world’s largest brewing companies. With operations in over 40 countries, it has more beer brands in the world’s top 50 than any other brewer and it ranks among the top three brewers in more than 30 countries. Every minute of every day, consumers the world over drink an average of over 46,000 pints of SABMiller beer.

SABMiller is passionate about brewing. From local beers steeped in tradition to brands that are recognised around the world, the company’s ambition is always to offer an outstanding product. Its quality is backed by some of the most efficient brewing and distribution operations in the industry – not to mention its long and successful record of market research, brand development and superb marketing in all corners of the world. Its success also lies in the way it conducts its business – with respect for partners and employees and a desire to do the best for the local community.

SABMiller’s history is one of exceptional growth and returns to shareholders. With its global footprint, strong portfolio of brands and spread of operations in both mature and developing markets, SABMiller is well placed to continue its growth.

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