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Central America

Total number of breweries: 2
Total brewing capacity (hls 000s): 2,650
Total number of bottling plants: 6
Total bottling capacity (hls 000s): 12,183
Total volumes sold (hls 000s)  
- Lager: 1,839
- CSDs: 6,031
- Other beverages (water and juices): 2,643
Average number of employees: 7,225

Our presence in Central America is through a subsidiary, Bevco, which operates in the beer and soft drinks markets in El Salvador and Honduras. Through Bevco, we have 95%† of the beer markets in both countries and, through an exclusive agreement with The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC), almost 65%† of the soft drinks markets in El Salvador and in Honduras. To support its core operating businesses, the company also owns packaging interests and over 16,000 acres of sugar plantations in Honduras.

Brands include:
Pilsener, Bahia, Golden Light, Suprema, Regia Extra, Miller Genuine Draft, Port Royal, Imperial, Salva Vida, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Tropical

† AC Nielsen 2003

  1. Number of breweries, bottling plants, brewing and bottling capacities as at 7 June 2004 and are based on the definitions. Total volumes sold and average number of employees are for the year ended 31 March 2004.
  2. Employee figures exclude associates.

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Picture of a brewery in Central America
Brewery in Central America
Production facilities of SABMiller in Central America
Central America
2 breweries
6 bottling plants
2 countries