Service contracts

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Service contracts of all the executives are renewable annually on a rolling basis. Notice to be given by the executives to the company or its subsidiaries under their contracts is 12 months. Notice to be given by the company to the executives is 12 months. Mr Mackay and Mr Wyman have service contracts with the company.

Under the service contracts with the company, a payment in lieu of notice may be made on termination of employment. Such payment shall be calculated by reference to the executive’s base salary plus company pension contributions for the relevant period, less any deduction considered by the company to be appropriate and reasonable to take account of accelerated receipt and the executive’s duty to mitigate his loss.

Details of the executive directors’ service contracts are noted below:

date of service
Date first
appointed to
the board
Date last
re-elected as
a director
Date next
due for
EAG Mackay 27/02/99 08/02/99 31/07/02 July 05
MI Wyman 26/02/99 08/02/99 30/07/01 July 04

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