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The excom is appointed by the chief executive. It comprises the chief financial officer, divisional managing directors and directors of group functions. Its mandate is to support the chief executive in carrying out the duties delegated to him by the board. Excom, in that context, co-ordinates brand and operational execution and delivers strategic plans and budgets for the board’s consideration. It also ensures that regular financial reports are presented to the board, that effective internal controls are in place and functioning, and that there is an effective risk management process in operation throughout the group.

Norman Adami

Norman Adami BBusSc (hons), MBA
President and chief executive officer, Miller Brewing Company
(49) Norman Adami was appointed president and chief executive officer of Miller Brewing Company in 2003. Before this appointment he spent nine years as managing director of The South African Breweries Ltd (SAB Ltd), and from 2000 to 2003 held the positions of managing director and chairman.

Mr Adami began his career with the group in 1979 and has held a number of senior positions within SAB Ltd, including regional and operations director, before his appointment to managing director in 1994.

Alan Clark

Alan Clark MA, DLitt et Phil
Managing director, SABMiller Europe
(44) Alan Clark has served as managing director of SABMiller Europe since 2003. He joined SABMiller plc’s subsidiary, The South African Breweries Ltd (SAB Ltd), in 1990 as a training and development manager. He has since held a number of senior posts in the group, including marketing director of SAB Ltd, managing director of Amalgamated Beverage Industries Ltd and chairman of Appletiser South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Before joining SABMiller, Dr Clark practised as a clinical psychologist and lectured in psychology at Vista University in South Africa.

Sue Clark

Sue Clark BSc (hons), MBA
Corporate affairs director
(40) Sue Clark joined SABMiller plc in 2003, when she was appointed corporate affairs director. Prior to this, she held a number of senior roles in UK companies, including director of corporate affairs for Railtrack Group, and director of corporate affairs for Scottish Power plc.

Tony van Kralingen

Tony van Kralingen BA (hons)
Managing director, The South African Breweries Ltd
(46) Tony van Kralingen was appointed managing director of The South African Breweries Ltd (SAB Ltd) in 2003. Mr van Kralingen joined SAB in 1982 and has subsequently held a number of senior posts within the SABMiller group. These include managing director of Plzen˘ sky´ Prazdroj A.S., marketing director for SAB Ltd and operations director (Northern Regions) for SAB Ltd.

Johann Nel

Johann Nel BA (hons)
Human resources director
(48) Johann Nel became director of human resources for the group in 2002. He joined SABMiller plc’s South African subsidiary, The South African Breweries Ltd (SAB Ltd) in 1997, being appointed human resources director in 1998.

Mr Nel previously owned a consulting organisation, and worked with SAB Ltd on various major strategy, organisational development and human resources projects since 1988. He has co-authored a book on managing productive change in organisations and was involved in initiatives to encourage business involvement in the democratisation of South Africa in the 1980s and 1990s.

André Parker

André Parker B Econ (hons)
Managing director, SABMiller Africa and Asia
(53) André Parker was appointed to his current position in 1994. He joined the group in 1975, and has held a number of senior positions in marketing and general management within its African operations. These have included general manager, The South African Breweries Central Region, and managing director, South African Breweries International Africa.

Mark Sherrington

Mark Sherrington BSc
Marketing director
(48) Mark Sherrington was appointed marketing director in 2002. He joined SABMiller plc from the marketing consultancy The Added Value Group, which he co-founded in 1988. Prior to this he worked at Unilever for 11 years, holding a number of senior marketing positions in Europe and internationally.

Andrew Tonkinson

Andrew Tonkinson BA, B Juris
Group company secretary
(59) Andrew Tonkinson was appointed group company secretary of The South African Breweries Ltd (SAB Ltd) in 1992 after 16 years’ service at The Lion Match Company, then a group subsidiary. He became group company secretary of SABMiller plc (then known as South African Breweries plc) upon the group’s UK listing in 1999.

Prior to joining SABMiller, Mr Tonkinson worked for Syfrets Trust Ltd in South Africa for eight years.

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