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Assurance on compliance with systems of internal control and on their effectiveness is obtained through regular management reviews, control self-assessment, internal audit reviews and testing of certain aspects of the internal financial control systems by the external auditors during the course of their statutory examinations. The group’s various divisional audit committees consider the results of these reviews on a regular basis, to confirm the appropriateness and satisfactory nature of these systems, while ensuring that breakdowns involving material loss, if any, together with remedial actions, have been reported to the appropriate boards of directors.

At the half year and at the year end the divisional managing directors and finance directors of all the group’s operations are required to submit formal letters of representation on controls, compliance and notification of ongoing or potential operational, financial and legal risks or claims. These letters form the subject of reports to the audit committee. Directors, executives, key managers and professionals also make annual written declarations of interests and are obliged to report without delay any potential or actual conflicts of interest which may arise.

Internal audit functions operated in all of the group’s principal business units in the period under review, reporting to local management and accountable to local audit committees. The internal audit functions are performed either by teams of appropriate, qualified and experienced employees, or through the engagement of external practitioners upon specified and agreed terms with equivalent access. These structures are reviewed for effectiveness with external consultants at least once a year. The audit committee is satisfied that adequate, objective internal audit assurance standards and procedures exist in the group. The May 2003 and November 2003 audit committee meetings reviewed internal audit reports on the major business units. Reports on these issues were made to the board.

Following the appointment of a head of internal audit during the year, proposals for a centrally-led strategy for internal audit have been agreed by the audit committee.

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