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Corporate accountability

In SABMiller, we are committed to achieving sustained commercial success and growing our shareholder value. We do this not just by meeting the aspirations of our customers through quality products and services, but also by operating in a socially responsible manner and by sharing the wealth and opportunities that the business generates among our stakeholders.

Our aim is a business that has a longterm viable future, contributing to a world that has achieved a sustainable balance between the needs of the economy, society and the natural environment. Ultimately there can be no choice between doing the right thing for the company and the right thing for society, if we are to retain our licence to operate, reduce our operating risks and profit from commercial opportunities over the long term.

Group companies manage the practical challenges that inevitably arise by seeking to live out our corporate values and apply our business principles and policies. SABMiller is operationally very decentralised, so these core statements guide our local companies as they run their businesses in the light of their own circumstances and the needs and views of their own stakeholders.

To provide greater detail about how we are living up to these commitments, we have again this year published a separate corporate accountability report, which is distributed alongside this annual report and is also available at

As we move forward with our accountability activities, in consultation with those who take an interest in our progress, we are increasingly focusing on a select group of key issues where our impacts are most apparent and our responsibility to act is greatest. Our activities in these focus areas are summarised below.

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