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Supporting young entrepreneurs through the Kick-Start programme

Boy Zakew Nzimande, owner of Nzimande Hygiene Maintenance, is just one of 22,000 young people who have benefited from skills training and business advice provided by Beer South Africa’s Kick-Start entrepreneurial development programme since 1995.

To date, SAB Ltd has invested over R31 million (approx US$4.4 million) in the project and supported the launch of 2,000 new businesses. As winner of the 2002 National Kick-Start competition, Mr Nzimande’s story demonstrates how effective the 18-month Kick-Start programme can be.

Originally from rural Mpumalanga, Mr Nzimande came to Johannesburg as a migrant worker, eventually getting a job with an industrial cleaning services company. When this company failed in 1999, he was inspired to start his own cleaning business. Showing true entrepreneurial spirit, he went home to Mpumalanga and sold his three cows to raise R7,000 (approx US$1,000) for use as start-up capital.

Four years on, having received support from the Kick-Start programme, the business is thriving. Nzimande Hygiene Maintenance now employs 14 people and turnover has grown by 380% since 2001 to reach R1.44 million (approx US$0.2 million) in 2003. With a new R2 million (approx US$0.3 million) contract with Chamdor Brewery now in place and a growing network of clients the future looks bright for Mr Nzimande. The same is true for many other young black entrepreneurs who have completed Kick-Start.

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‘Kick-Start’ programme member Boy Zakew Nzimande, Johannesburg, South Africa.
‘Kick-Start’ programme member Boy Zakew Nzimande, Johannesburg, South Africa.