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Our strategy for growth

The chairman has described how we have built SABMiller into a strong, international operator capable of further growth in earnings both now and into the future.

We see this growth occurring over three time horizons.

In the near term, we look mainly to our strong, established operations in South Africa, the rest of Africa, Europe and, slightly further ahead, Central America. These are markets with many years of organic growth still ahead of them.

In the medium term, additional growth will come from turning round the recent big acquisitions, Miller and Peroni, which we know have the potential to produce strong, sustainable profits.

For the longer term, we are building on our positions in the large, emerging markets of China and India, both of which are capable of generating much greater value. Depending on economic growth, there may also be opportunities in Africa.

In the longer term we also expect to see a natural consumer drift towards higher value, international brands. Our global platform will give us the ability to distribute and develop our own portfolio of international premium beers, so securing a further source of earnings.

We believe this pattern of growth differentiates SABMiller from all its competitors. It also provides a framework for reporting our progress in the past year.

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Picture of Graham Mackay - Chief executive
Graham Mackay
Chief executive