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EBITA margin (%)
Sales volume (hls 000s)*
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*Castel volumes of 10,680 hls 000s (2002: 9,633 hls 000s) lager, 8,925 hls 000s (2002: 7,489 hls 000s) CSDs, and 804 hls 000s (2002: 569 hls 000s) other beverages are not included.
Far right
Tyskie canning line, Poland

Near right
Customers, Arusha, Tanzania

Africa performed exceptionally well in the year under review with the momentum reported at the half year carrying through to the year-end. The region benefited from strong volume growth in key markets, market share gains in our competitive markets and successful acquisition activity in a number of countries.

Clear beer growth of 3.2% in our African businesses was achieved with strong performances from Tanzania, Mozambique and Ghana. Tanzania experienced a good agricultural harvest, beer market growth and additional volume from the restructuring of our East African operations; whilst Mozambique benefited from the Laurentina acquisition. Ghana enjoyed strong market share gains. Our soft drink volumes grew by 15.3% as a result of the inclusion of Zambia Bottlers following
the February 2002 acquisitions and an outstanding performance from Angola, where we exceeded the one million hectolitre mark and achieved organic growth of 41.2% following the end of the civil war and an improving economy. Traditional beer, however, ended below prior levels following the decision to exit the low margin bulk beer segment in Zambia.

The introduction of VAT in Botswana, which resulted in across the board consumer price increases, curbed the strong sales momentum enjoyed in prior years. US dollar weakness assisted reported results in Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland but did not impact other African currencies to the same extent.

Our SABMiller pan-African premium brands, Castle Lager and Castle Milk Stout, grew 17% in total over prior year. Other key market initiatives included the successful launch of Eagle Lager in Uganda, an innovative sorghum based clear beer aimed at the low-income segment of the market. The product has been well received and aided market share growth in this competitive environment.

Throughout the region, the momentum in terms of unit cost reduction was maintained via the combined effect of the application of our Manufacturing Excellence Programme as well as purchasing, logistics and working capital savings delivered by Sabex, our Johannesburg-based procurement subsidiary.

Associate volumes and earnings include Zimbabwe, which held up reasonably well despite experiencing difficult political and economic conditions, and earnings include our newly acquired stake in Kenya Breweries with effect from December 2002.

The Castel group, in which we have a 20% interest, posted strong results with clear beer and soft drink volume growth of 10.9% and 19.2% respectively. Operational benefits have been achieved by both groups from the relationship, including areas such as procurement. We have recently entered Algeria with a joint investment in soft drinks, to be supplemented with brewing in the short term and we continue to evaluate other opportunities.
Far left
Kgalagadi Brewery,
Gabarone, Botswana

Serving Snowflake lager
in Wuhan, China

Within Asia, our Chinese joint venture performed well with a key area of achievement being the successful integration of the Wuhan and Blue Sword acquisitions. Volumes reached the 24 million hls mark for clear beer and total volumes exceeded 27 million hls. The Chinese beer market is now estimated to be the biggest in the world by volume. The roll-out of the Snowflake brand throughout our 30 Chinese breweries continues, with the brand achieving volumes in excess of five million hls during the year.

Organic volume growth for the year of 5.7% was achieved against total volume growth of 45.3%. EBITA growth in China more than doubled year on year.

In India we achieved our target of break even at the operating profit level in our first full year with the expanded base of four operating units, including the acquisition of the Rochees brewery in Rajastan which was finally completed towards the end of the period. During the year we launched Castle Lager in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi with encouraging early signs.

On 21 May 2003, we announced that SABMiller's subsidiary, Mysore Breweries,had become a strong number two brewer in India through a joint venture with the Shaw Wallace group of companies. This positions us well in the high growth Indian beer market.