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A strategic partner and service provider for our entire global business

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    SABMiller continues to accelerate into its vision of a globally integrated future.
    Peter Brickley |Chief Information Officer, Global IS

No company of SABMiller’s size and scale can succeed without a really effective information strategy, and a great team of people to drive it.  

Global IS is structured to support business outcomes, partnering deeply with SABMiller’s leadership and functions to shape demand for information services and improvements. The global Chief Information Officer, accountable for IS globally, is supported by global teams that manage relationships with vendors; establish policies and plan demand for solutions; design and develop solutions; and control and operate all services. 

Global IS is also transforming its own underlying capabilities. By driving improvements in its internal technical skills, vendor performance, systems controls and people abilities, Global IS is striving to be best in class against a number of measures, including cost, efficiency and quality.

Our Global IS operation offers careers in these areas: Service Delivery, Solution Delivery, Strategy and Architecture, Vendor Management, and Business Partnering. 


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    Information technology will change the way that we do business.
    Josef Litt |Global Head of IS Strategy and Architecture
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    Improving the speed and quality of executive decisions is the main objective of the digital project I am leading. We are developing a business intelligence and analytics solution that will provide our executives with the accurate and timely information they need to make better decisions.
    Gordon Downes |Executive Assistant to the President, Digital Projects Manager, LatAm Hub

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