CIMA qualification

On the programme you will gain your Chartered Institute of Mangement Accountants qualification (CIMA). This is an internationally recognised qualification in management accountancy.

CIMA is the only international accountancy body with a sole focus on business. It is a world leading professional institute with 172,000 students and members in 168 countries that offers an internationally recognised qualification in management accountancy, focusing on accounting in business in both the private and public sectors.

On completion of the qualification, and professional experience criteria, you will become a Chartered Global Management Accountant® (CGMA®) designation holder.



The syllabus includes three levels that take approximately 9 months  each to complete; Operational, Management and Strategic.









Organisational management

Management accounting 

Financial reporting & taxation 

Case study exam 










Project and relationship management

Advanced management accounting 

Advanced Financial Reporting

Case Study Exam 









Strategic management

Risk management

Financial strategy

Case study exam


Each level consists of three modules and a case study which take approximately 9 weeks to complete including studying and exams. These modules fall into one of three pillars: enterprise, performance, financial. 

Alongside the exams you are required to gain a total of 36 months on the job experience in three sections: Basic, Core and Supplementary; 18 months of your experience will be focussed on developing Core experience.

You are not required to gain all the experience below but a broad base of experience is required to complete your CIMA qualification.

Basic experience

Core experience 

Supplementary experience

Preparing and maintaining accounting records

Preparation of management accounts 

Financial strategy

Statutory and regulatory reporting

Planning, budgeting and forecasting

Corporate finance

IT desktop skills

Management reporting for decision making

Treasury management 

Systems and procedure development

Product and service costing


Information management 

Business evaluation and appraisal 

Project appraisal 

Business strategy 

Project management 

External relationships 

Working capital content 


Risk management and business assurance 


Entry Requirement

The entry requirements for the CIMA qualifications are;

  • Degree in Business, Accounting or AAT Technician or Diploma
  • Certificate in Business Accounting

If you want to join the programme but you don’t currently hold one of the above entry requirements you are able to sit your Certificate in Business Accounting as part of the programme.

The Certificate in Business Accounting includes five modules which must be taken before the operational module in the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants qualification.

For more information on CIMA visit CIMA Global