Corporate Affairs

Building and managing our reputation to support and accelerate the execution of operational and financial strategy

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    SABMiller has a strong reputation for building successful and sustainable businesses that contribute to their local economies and communities. The role of corporate affairs is both to ensure that we continue to maximise this positive local impact, but also that we preserve our reputation for doing so, both locally and globally.
    John Davidson |General Counsel and Corporate Affairs Director,SABMiller plc

We are passionate about brewing great beer.  We are also committed to managing our operations sustainably, and we work in partnership with the communities where we do business to maximise the economic and social benefits our business brings to the widest possible range of stakeholders.  We aim to be a global leader in sustainable development and we take positive action to encourage consumers to drink beer responsibly.

The Corporate Affairs team engages with government, non-governmental organisations, investors, the media and other opinion leaders to understand their expectations of the business and to share the results of the work we’re doing. The team also plays a key role in enabling the business to become a more globally integrated organisation through collaboration and internal engagement. 

The expert teams in Corporate Affairs are responsible for a range of work streams including Media Relations, Investor Relations, Public Affairs, Alcohol Policy, Sustainable Development, Digital Communications, Internal Engagement, and Reputation Management.

  • Miroslava Remenarova
    I was looking for a company where people can really make difference. SABMiller has strong brands, great market presence and a clear vision how to make a world better. It is highly motivating to work in an industry with such a product as beer - which has a long history and I believe a bright future ahead.
    Mirka Remenarova |Corporate Affairs Manager, Slovakia
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    Whether it’s about making our breweries the most water-efficient in the world, or transforming the livelihoods of micro and small business people in our value chains, sustainable development is hard-wired into our day-to-day local business activity. At the global level, it’s about ensuring that we are constantly improving our understanding of the material issues and that we are involved in the policy discussions that will impact our communities and value chains.
    Andy Wales |Corporate Affairs Director, SABMiller Europe

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