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Gabor Garamszegi
SVP, Corporate Affairs,, SABMIller Europe

The next time you order a beer, you should know that while you are raising a glass to your friends, tens of thousands of farmers, brewers, packagers, distributors, landlords and restaurateurs are saying “cheers” back.

In the summer of 2013 we asked Ernst and Young and REGIOPLAN to take a closer look at the economic impact of our production and sales in Europe – a follow up to studies we conducted in 2011 and 2009. The results are substantial.

View the 'Contribution to the European Economy' infographic PDF (0.35Mb)

With more than 200 beer brands and 70,000 employees, we generate local benefits in over 75 countries. In Europe, this means 10,000 people directly employed in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and the UK. However, the 39 million hectolitres of beer that we produce also generates employment in the agricultural sector, from which we get our hops, malt and barley; the hospitality and retail sectors and of course all the design and marketing agencies and packaging suppliers that we use. This amounts to a whopping €1.9 billion of expenditure, accounting for more than 175,000 jobs across the continent.

As over one third of that €1.9billion is spent with local suppliers, the surrounding area of one of our 17 European breweries can expect to see 24,800 jobs generated across our supply chain.

In addition to employment, we also contribute to local economies across the continent, through the production and sale of our beers. According to the report, this adds up to a total of €3.3billion.  

Of course, alongside our economic contribution, we also have to ensure that we are creating wider social benefits. Sustainable use of resources and packaging, becoming involved in the local communities in which we operate and ensuring that our products are consumed responsibly are all part of our understanding that we will only grow our business in the long term if our brands add value to the lives of consumers and society.

So today, we raise a glass to all those who make the production and delivery of each pint possible and celebrate the contribution of an age old industry to modern day jobs and communities. 


About the author

Gabor Garamszegi

SVP, Corporate Affairs,, SABMIller Europe

Gabor joined SABMiller Europe in 2005 with responsibility for designing and aligning the regional Corporate Affairs strategy and managing the relationship with European Stakeholders, particularly with the EU institutions. Upon graduating in electronic engineering Gabor worked in the state administration and information service in the eighties. In 1990 he joined the first association of private enterprises in Hungary. In 1991 he started working as Corporate Affairs Manager for Philip Morris Hungary. Throughout his 15 years career with the Philip Morris he lead the Corporate Affairs department in Hungary, Poland and Germany and served as Director Government Relations, EU in Brussels..

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